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NEWARK– New Jersey Innovation Institute (NJII), an NJIT corporation, will be conducting 2.5-day training sessions in Leading Complex Collaborations on Aug. 21-23, 2019, and Dec. 4-6, 2019, at the Central King Building on the NJIT campus in Newark, N.J. These training programs prepare participants to plan and use Strategic Doing to create impact. The focus of the training sessions will be on the deep skills, tools and frameworks of agile strategy needed in leading complex collaborations. An optional practicum following the training is available for participants who want to become certified Strategic Doing workshop leaders.

Strategic Doing teaches people how to form collaborations quickly, move them toward measurable outcomes and make adjustments along the way. It enables leaders to design and guide new networks that generate innovative solutions. It is a new strategy discipline that is lean, agile and fast. Participants in Strategic Doing come from companies, universities, cluster organizations, health care networks, and workforce and economic development organizations.

The participant fee for the 2.5-day training is $1,300. To register visit:

NJII is available to offer Strategic Doing workshops for organizations or communities. As a Strategic Doing affiliate, NJII has a corps of professionals with experience guiding others in using Strategic Doing, and can offer training to interested organizations and/or individuals.

For more information, contact workshop organizer Nancy Franklin via email: