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The Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council has again ranked New Jersey’s tax system as second worst in the nation for small businesses and entrepreneurs.


The “Small Business Tax Index 2017, released today, ranks New Jersey 49th out of the 50 states based on “the costs of their tax systems for entrepreneurship and small business.” This is the third consecutive year New Jersey ranked 49th.


According to the index, the 10 best state tax systems are: 1) Nevada, 2) Texas, 3) South Dakota, 4) Wyoming, 5) Washington, 6) Florida, 7) Alabama, 8) Ohio, 9) North Carolina, and 10) Colorado.


The bottom 10 include: 41) Connecticut, 42) Oregon, 43) New York, 44) Vermont, 45) Hawaii, 46) Iowa, 47) Minnesota, 48) Maine, 49) New Jersey, and 50) California.


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