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The New Jersey Association of Counties this week has offered a rebuke of the Murphy’s administration proposed rule to ban the sale of new gas-powered cars by 2035.

The NJAC, a non-partisan organization that advocates for legislation and policies that empower county governments to operate more effectively and efficiently, joined other state legislators from both sides of the political aisle who have also come out against the Advanced Clean Car II rule.

NJBIA has contended the rule will result in lower-income residents not being able to afford to drive in the short term and long term, and the mandate will not be feasible due to lacking infrastructure and grid power.

“NJAC is initially concerned with the overall financial impact the sweeping reform will impose on businesses, local governing bodies, and property taxpayers as the plan does not quantify necessary capital investments, ongoing operational expenses, certain lost revenues, or the impact on State and local roads and bridges,” the organization wrote on its website.

“As is the case with similarly proposed regulations, which will require replacing natural gas boilers with electric ones under certain circumstances, NJAC contends that the State Legislature should be actively engaged in a transparent and comprehensive cost benefit analysis that solicits critical information and data from stakeholders on all sides of the issue, residents, and relevant State departments.

“NJAC also submits that instead of prohibiting the use of internal combustion engines, the Administration and Legislature should make additional and substantial investments into providing new and creative incentives that promote the use of ZEVs where feasible and of which reflect the will of a local governing body and their constituents.”

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