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As part of its Big Shot Campaign, the New Jersey Hospital Association (NJHAP)  has released a toolkit aimed at reducing COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy and getting as many people vaccinated as possible so that communities, schools and the economy can move forward from the pandemic. 

The NJHA’s online COVID Vaccination Outreach Toolkit compiles resources for ongoing vaccination outreach and awareness across New Jersey’s communities, including information and tools focused on vaccine-hesitant groups. Businesses and other organizations are urged to use the resources in the toolkit to communicate with members and employees about how important vaccines are to the state’s ongoing efforts to get past the pandemic so that communities, schools and businesses can fully reopen. 

In addition to resources from NJHA and public health agencies, the toolkit provides links to NJHA’s Big Shot Campaign, a partnership with several other statewide organizations to spread vaccination awareness and information to their constituencies. The toolkit includes sample newsletter and social media messaging that businesses and organizations can use to communicate that COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective way to protect you, your loved ones and co-workers against the virus. Although getting vaccinated is an individual decision, the messages stress the important role vaccinated people play in helping New Jersey move forward from the COVID-19 pandemic. 

More than 5.8 million vaccinations have been administered so far in New Jersey and, starting today, any resident 16 or older can sign up for an appointment to be vaccinatedTo register for the vaccine, go to the state’s online registration system at or call 855-568-0545.