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NJBIA Chief Government Affairs Officer Chrissy Buteas and New Jersey Council of County Colleges President Aaron Fichtner will be part of a live panel discussion on the NJ101.5 radio’s Town Hall, “College Alternatives,” which will be broadcast at 7 p.m. tonight, Feb. 24.

NJ101.5 Senior Political Director Eric Scott will host the program, which will examine careers that pay excellent salaries and do not necessarily require a traditional four-year college degree. Many students are taking on significant student loan debt to obtain a four-year degree, and then spend many years repaying massive amounts of debt, which diminishes their return on that college investment.

“Not everyone needs a four-year college degree to have a successful and rewarding career,” Scott said. “New Jersey desperately needs workers in skilled trades.”

NJBIA and New Jersey’s community colleges recently launched New Jersey Pathways to Career Opportunities, an initiative to better align the state’s educational system with the workforce needs of a rapidly evolving economy. This collaborative effort, which includes employers, industry associations, labor unions, educational institutions, and workforce development partners, is designed to provide students and workers with structured pathways to career opportunities.

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In addition to Buteas and Fichtner, tonight’s expert panel also includes John Tillman, founder of Ecliptic Financial Advisors, and Amy Lombardo of the New Jersey School Counselor Association. Representatives from trade unions that run their own certification schools for members will also share information.

The show can be heard on air at 101.5 FM, online on the NJ101.5 app or on the New Jersey 101.5 Facebook page.