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Tom Bergeron of ROI-NJ called it a question that needed to be asked.

“Isn’t it fair and reasonable, do you think, to ask public-sector workers to at least not get pay raises for the time being?” Gov. Phil Murphy was asked by a reporter this week….  “Since we don’t know what the federal assistance is going to be, when we say, ‘shared sacrifice,’ shouldn’t the ‘we’ include everybody?”

It came as a follow to an op-ed by New Jersey Business & Industry Association head Michele Siekerka, entitled: “It’s time for public employees to make some sacrifices.”

Murphy’s response?

“I do think this is a time when we’re all going to have to give of ourselves,” he said. “Without commenting on what she said, I want to reiterate something I haven’t said in a few days: We need the ability to borrow …”

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