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NJBIA this week launched BIA Learn, a new offering only for members in the HR Support Center that allows businesses to manage all employee training needs in one online location, increase employee engagement, and stay in compliance with state and federal laws.

BIA Learn’s premium library features over 360 online interactive employee training courses covering topics such as harassment prevention (state and federal laws); workplace safety (OSHA); diversity, equity and inclusion; computer IT and cybersecurity; professional development; customer service and more. All courses auto-update and expand as new federal and state-specific legislation is passed.

NJBIA Chief Business Relations Officer Wayne Staub said Wednesday that BIA Learn has been launched in response to the many businesses who have been asking NJBIA for employee training assistance. BIA Learn makes it easy for employers to create learning tracks, assign courses, automate course reminders, and track their employees’ progress toward earning certificates in one central online location.

The courses save businesses time and money by providing a company-wide training solution that protects companies from incurring costly government fines for noncompliance with various state and federal laws. Businesses can provide access to a full suite of training courses for as little as $30 per employee.

Customer service representative Statia Jones, who led an online demonstration of BIA Learn on Wednesday, said offering employees up-to-date training is an important retention tool.

“In today’s labor market, being able to offer employees unlimited access to a library of valuable training content helps keep employees engaged and feeling valued by their employers,” Jones said.

BIA Learn can be accessed through the NJBIA HR Support Center, a free service for members that helps businesses stay ahead in the ever-changing world of human resource management. The HR Support Center offers a policy library and law alerts; HR forms, documents, and templates; an employee handbook builder; resources on common employer laws such as the ACA, FLSA and FMLA; extensive COVID-19 related content, HR webinars, and more.

NJBIA members also have the option of upgrading this free service to HR on Demand, which gives them direct access to a certified HR professional five days a week, 12 hours a day, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Members can telephone or email experts at HR on Demand to receive customized HR guidance.