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NJBIA President and CEO Michele Siekerka issued the following statement on today’s inauguration of President Joe Biden and the start of his new administration. 

Michele Siekerka

NJBIA President & CEO Michele Siekerka, Esq.

“We congratulate President Biden and Vice President Harris and look forward to working with the new administration in concert with our congressional delegation on important issues that impact New Jersey businesses and residents. 

“We are optimistic that the Biden administration will bring about a robust vaccination program and enhanced support for businesses struggling to survive during the pandemic in the short term, and place great emphasis on infrastructure and innovation that will drive jobs and consider relief from the SALT challenges that our state faces going forward.” 

We also hope there is recognition by the Biden administration that a tax-and-spend platform will create further challenges for New Jersey, as a national outlier for taxes and business climate. Additionally, since New Jersey receives the lowest return in the nation for every dollar paid in federal taxes, we respectfully impart to the new administration that this needs to change for the Garden State. 

Above all, this is a moment when our nation must become united. Economic prosperity cannot be built upon a foundation cracked by social unrestIf division rules the day, there cannot be a true economic recovery. This is indeed a defining moment in our history and the ultimate opportunity to address social inequities that will strengthen and unite our country.