photo of independent contractor agreementNJBIA is building a coalition of members concerned about the impact of proposed legislation that would require freelancers and other independent contractors to meet new stricter standards to prove they are not employees of companies.

Although a previous bill, S-4204, did not receive final approval before the 218th Legislative Session ended, the bill has been reintroduced as S-863 in the new session that began Tuesday. Senate President Stephen Sweeney had indicated he intends to get this bill passed.

Members of NJBIA’s Independent Contractor Coalition will receive status updates of the progress of the legislation, invitations to testify at legislative committee hearings and opportunities to participate in events. For further information, contact NJBIA’s Danielle Wink.

6 responses to “NJBIA Forming Independent Contractor Coalition”

  1. Michael Melly says:

    Please do not allow this to pass

  2. Suzanne J Zipes says:

    This and all of the other legislation that has been put upon small employers since Governor Murphy has been in office is putting us closer to going out of business after being in business over 40 years. If this legislation goes through this will be the final nail!

  3. James Franchino says:

    This legislation needs to be passed. There are too many cheaters out there.

    • Dave says:

      So we have to ruin everyones business/career in lew of going after the ‘cheaters’? That makes sense.

  4. Michael Sinnott says:

    I am a contractor that use sub contractors. I have comments about this new legislation.

  5. Donna Maher says:

    I would like to get Involved in this committee as a new member of NJBIA. Can someone please contact me @ 732 598 8480.
    Thank you.