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An NJ Spotlight News report this week focused on a new law signed by Gov. Phil Murphy last week that placed certain employment conditions on the transfer of ownership of healthcare facilities.

NJBIA had opposed the legislation, noting that employees already have certain protections, and that government should not be dictating employment conditions on private businesses.

In the NJ Spotlight News, NJBIA Chief Government Affairs Officer Chrissy Buteas said the law represents overreach by state government.

“To have a government entity come in and tell you how long you need to maintain your employees, at what wages, at what benefits and how you need to hire them back if there was in fact a layoff, based on seniority, is completely out of the scope of the government,” Buteas told NJ Spotlight News correspondent Melissa Rose Cooper.

Buteas added that a business making a purchase typically want to retain the best employees coming from the former employer.

“But I do think it’s up to that business owner and their leadership to make that determination moving forward,” Buteas said.

To see the full report, click here.