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NJBIA and the New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Program, through its Manufacturing Counts partnership, received a commendation through a Senate Resolution during a voting session today.

The resolution, heard during the annual State of the State of Manufacturing event at the Statehouse, saluted NJBIA and NJMEP “during which their members will showcase the importance of the Garden State’s manufacturing industry and extol the benefits of their Manufacturing Counts partnership, an outstanding initiative devoted to supporting New Jersey manufacturers through the coordination of advocacy efforts, the consolidation of resources, and the provision of assistance by the Legislative Manufacturing Caucus.”

In 2022, NJBIA and NJMEP entered into a formal agreement to unite, broaden and strengthen the support of manufacturing businesses throughout the state.

Under that Manufacturing Counts partnership, NJBIA vowed to coordinate efforts and resources to bolster advocacy, collaboration and visibility for the industry.

The resolution concludes that it “pays tribute to their meritorious record of accomplishment, and extends sincere best wishes for continued vigor in all the years to come.”

To see an image of the resolution, click here.