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NJBIA and New Jersey Policy Perspective made a joint call for transparency and better governance in Trenton in an op-ed posted on today. 

NJPP President Brandon McKoy and NJBIA President and CEO Michele Siekerka both wrote of the concern of big-issue policies advancing through the legislative process without the appropriate time for lawmakers and stakeholders to review, or time for comment. 

“At a moment when public faith and trust in government are at all-time lows, elected officials have the opportunity to build trust by prioritizing and defending transparency,” they wrote. “To do so, we are asking our New Jersey lawmakers and Gov. Phil Murphy to step away from the practice of expediting policies with little or no time for appropriate review or commentary. 

“Rushing through complex bills, budgets and executive orders that address both fiscal and social issues, at levels wide and deep, often means the absence of critical documents, supporting research, and complicated language. This results in lawmakers having minimal time – sometimes hours, or even just minutes — to digest hundreds of pages of complex policy, leaving much room for error and unintended consequences.” 

To read the full opinion piece, click here.