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NJBIA President & CEO Michele N. Siekerka Esq. issued the following statement today regarding legislation expanding the benefits and eligibility of the Paid Family Leave Law (S-2528).

“We have historically opposed this legislation because it makes it more difficult and more expensive to run a business in New Jersey.

“New Jersey is already one of only four states that has implemented a paid family leave law. By expanding the length of paid family leave from six to 12 weeks, small businesses will have to pay more overtime to workers or hire replacement employees for longer periods of time. With the legislation lowering the exemption threshold from 50 to 30 employees, more small businesses will be adversely impacted.

“Small business is already scrambling to comply with a new paid sick leave law and new reporting requirements under a new pay equity law. In light of these and other cumulative costs on small and medium size businesses through current legislative efforts and in the proposed budget, we strongly urge our policy makers to take a pause and assess the impact this legislation and other policy initiatives will have on New Jersey’s business climate.”

13 responses to “NJBIA Opposes Expansion of Paid Family Leave Bill”

  1. Stephanie says:

    Expanding paid family leave allows more equity in the workplace for women who are still considered the primary caretaker of new children and sick family members. It allows workers to take care of their family needs and still return back to work. Studies show that increased access to paid family leave boosts productivity and attachment to the workplace.

    Opposing this legislation is a sign that the NJBIA isn’t looking at the future of the workforce and inadvertently hurting workers.

    • Frank LaSaracina says:

      expanding this law (which is the government taking private funds for its own use) will mean fewer jobs. The best anti-poverty program is a job. So, will citizens be better off with fewer jobs? Of course, not. Small business is the major source of new jobs, so if you want fewer jobs support this legislation. I attempted to grow a business in NJ but for a bunch of reasons, following the law and regulation I found it impossible. So I shut it down.

    • Joe says:

      Small business cant afford this and to believe in studies that are false about people not working this is why NJ over the years becomes complacent. Employees will take advantage of this and just take off to get paid like they do already in the summer months. No one wants to work just get paid as a business owner of a company of less than 50 employees we cannot sustain such a blow. I tell Murphy and people in Trenton if you lower this to a 30 employee threshold my company and many others will do mass layoffs. My company allow will release 10 employees. Small business cant afford this……

  2. Richard says:

    Stephanie is a moron
    She has no clue what it takes to run a business today.
    Especially in a crab business environment like New Jersey
    Will these people ever wake up.
    They think money grows on trees
    I have an idea let Murphy paid at his pocket.

    • Jack says:

      I have to agree with Richard, Stephanie is a moron. You can find ‘studies’ that show drinking poison will help you lose weight. The more burdens put upon small businesses the more of them will shut down. Then the former employees will not get any family leave or a paycheck.

  3. Pat G says:

    There will soon truly be 2 classes in NJ the nose to the grindstone class and the hand out I deserve it free class. 50% of the people work 100% so the other 50% don’t have to.
    Wish the hand out class would try the poison diet.

  4. Thomas says:

    New Jersey expanding paid family leave 6 to 12 weeks, with a broader array of excuses, basically sets up the process for being abused. It also opens the door for unions to argue it is unfair to healthy employees, who don’t use the sick leave; that fairness dictates they should be compensated for saving employers from temporary worker costs.

    Government views social programs with blinders. It ignores the various ways parameters for problems expand into other areas, increasing small business challenges to remain competitive; solving problems by compounding them, consistently failing to correct their initial feelgood ‘solutions.’

  5. Donald Wicklund says:

    If we could just work every other week and get paid for the rest of the time that would leave lots of time to take care of the whole family and maybe some of other peoples family members too. Stupid squared with more stupid on top. My old boss was really old school but it still makes sense today. His policy was simple, you come to work and help the company succeed and you get paid. How did people forget what going to work is about? Help the company you work for or there will be no job for you. Run for political office if you want to get paid for not working.

  6. Bob says:

    More pay for time not worked. Brilliant idea!

  7. Bernie Vitti says:

    Don Wicklund said it best! Remember, unless you have your own business and you can call the shots, you need to make certain that your company stays whole first, otherwise YOU will NOT be whole and be on the street looking for another job that may not be as good or as lucrative as the job you are in now. Use Family Leave wisely, but we are certainly abusing it now.

  8. Dan says:

    I can see me being forced to relocate my 25+ jobs to Delaware or PA by the end of Murphy’s term at the rate he’s going. I fought communism. I really don’t see much difference with Socialism!

  9. Jim says:

    This is just a shift of costs on businesses to take the burden off the state so he can balance the budget. With these paid leaves, it forces businesses to hire more personnel which also means more payroll taxes paid by the new employees which are also paid by the business. Keep this mind as the paid sick leave made sure the business days those taxes on paid leave wages. When businesses raise their prices, consumers will look more to purchase out of state and thus kill sales which then results in a smaller workforce from layoffs or completely closing.

  10. Vicky says:

    My husband and I had a small business in NJ for over 18 years and employed 14 people. We hardly were able to take a paycheck, but the insurance, union and taxes sure got paid. Now he is ill and we had to shut the business down. He is collecting SSD and I am working, making half of what I am worth, just for the benefits to pay for his cancer treatment.
    Last year after his surgery, when he needed 24/7 care, I was able to take sporadic family leave where I was being paid $65 a day. If anyone thinks that you can live on that for 6 weeks, tell me how but at least I was able to keep my job and get a little income.
    As being on both sides of this fence, I can see this as being a burden on small business but I can also see it as being a lifesaver for a person who now works for someone else and must care for an ill spouse.
    NJ sucks for small business, Murphy will finally sink our chance of ever retiring in this state. I am a Jersey girl to the end but I am being priced out of my “homeland”.
    For once in my life, I can actually qualify for “aid” from the State and I plan on taking advantage of it…..Lord knows I have paid into it….