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Now that the ban of single-use plastic and paper bags will take effect in 2022, some lawmakers are looking to increase the recycled content in plastics and ban packing peanuts. 

As reported by NJ101.5 News’ Michael Symons, the business community is looking for significant amendments for bill S-2515, which advanced in the Senate Environment and Energy Committee meeting on Thursday. 

NJBIA Vice President of Government Affairs Ray Cantor said the requirements for recycled content in plastics would disrupt national supply chains by mandating that manufacturers segregate bottles and other products they would otherwise be selling in New Jersey.  

“Logistically it’s very difficult if not impossible,” Cantor said. 

He also said it would overwhelm an understaffed solid waste program at the state Department of Environmental Protection. 

 “Unfortunately, this substitute bill fails to really address in our opinion DEP’s need for a workable program. It absolutely does not work for industry, and more importantly is does not achieve the policy goals that we believe this bill is trying to achieve,” Cantor said. 

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