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Mary Beaumont, the New Jersey Business & Industry Association’s vice president for Health and Legal Affairs testified before the Assembly Financial Institutions & Insurance Committee on Thursday to express concerns about two bills (A-4205 and A-4596) requiring healthcare mandates that could potentially increase the cost of insurance premiums.

Beaumont asked that both bills first be referred to the state’s Mandated Health Benefits Advisory Commission (MHBAC) in the Department of Banking & Insurance, which responds to legislative requests for an independent, objective analysis of the medical, financial and social impacts of any proposed health insurance benefit mandates.

Go here to read Beaumont’s testimony on A-4205, which would require health insurers, including the State Health Benefits Plan and the School Employees Health Benefits Program, to provided continued prescription drug coverage for chronic medical conditions.

Go here to read Beaumont’s testimony on A-4596, which specifies that payments by health insurers for certain emergency services in an ambulance could be assigned to out-of-network providers and not subject to the health plan’s contractual deductible for such services.