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NJBIA and other associations in the transportation and logistics industry have outlined several challenges and potential solutions to address the commercial driver workforce shortage in New Jersey.

In a letter sent to New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission Chief Administrator Sue Fulton, the groups explained that “licensing delays, insufficient customer service and lack of consistency across locations” have been exacerbated over the course of the pandemic.

“Commercial driver’s license holders and the businesses that rely on their expertise share in these frustrations,” the groups wrote. “Unfortunately, in a business capacity, these frustrations come at the expense of productivity and efficiency not only for businesses, but also present supply chain challenges for consumers who rely on the goods and services that are only made possible due to a robust CDL workforce.

“Additionally, employees that rely on the ability to access public transportation to get to work and families that rely on buses to get their children to school greatly suffer from the current lack of qualified CDL drivers.”

To see the list of challenges and solutions, click here.

Groups signing on to the letter with NJBIA include the Greater New Jersey Motorcoach Association; Bus Association of New Jersey; New Jersey Motor Truck Association and New Jersey School Bus Contractors Association.