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From an HR standpoint, the term workweek needs to be clearly defined, according to NJBIA HR Support.

A workweek is not the same thing as your hours of operation. Rather, it defines the 168-hour period (i.e., seven 24-hour days) in which you track your non-exempt employees’ time to determine whether they’re owed any overtime premium pay.

The workweek can start and end whenever an employer would like (e.g., Saturday at midnight or Tuesday at noon), but it should change rarely, if ever. Changing it to avoid paying overtime would violate the Fair Labor Standards Act and could lead to wage complaints.

NJBIA HR Support says employees should know what the workweek is. It recommends posting it in a place they’ll see, like a wall in the office kitchen or in the employee handbook.

To bring maximum benefit to its members, NJBIA recently launched a new, comprehensiveHR Support Center platformthat provides employers with a host of time-saving tools and resources, the most up-to-date HR information, and live professional consultations. 

NJBIA’s HR Support Center is included in NJBIA membership dues, while access to Support Center PLUS, with HR On-Demand services seven days a week, can be accessed for a nominal fee of $300 a year. 

HR Support Center benefits include: 

  • Policy library & law alerts
  • HR forms, documents, and templates 
  • Employee handbook builder 
  • Resources covering common employer laws including ACA, FLSA, and FMLA 
  • Extensive COVID-19 content 
  • HR webinars lead by HR professionals to drive lead generation for you 
  • Monthly HR newsletters and eAlerts from NJBIA 
  • HR fitness test to assess HR compliance gaps
  • Guides on popular HR topics. 

Members who upgrade to the HR On-Demand feature receive: 

  • Unlimited live advice via chat, telephone, or email 
  • Question and answer history 
  • HR Concierge Live Chat 
  • Custom multi-state employee handbooks and consultation 
  • Custom project requests 
  • COVID-19 live help 

 Employers, both NJBIA members and non-NJBIA members, can learn more about NJBIA’s HR Support Center call 1-800-499-4419. 

For a video about NJBIA’s HR Support Center, click here