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NJBIA President and CEO Michele Siekerka today was ranked the 13th most influential insider in New Jersey politics, according to the news website InsiderNJ.

Citing her role as the voice of the state’s private sector and business base, InsiderNJ stated, “she continues to occupy a forward oppositional position on issues like the $15 minimum wage.”

Indeed, NJBIA has played a leading role in opposing a number of anti-business initiatives, including the paid sick leave mandate, the expansion of paid family leave and numerous tax increase proposals, including this year’s call for a millionaires tax by Gov. Phil Murphy, as well as the minimum wage increase.

InsiderNJ has produced the list of Insider 100 Policymakers for three years now. It excludes elected officials and judges, focusing instead on those who “will have to figure out how to piece together a blueprint to keep the place afloat.”

“The list assembles names not because they signify the broadest shoulders, biggest egos or loudest voices, but simply because of the rigorous quality of their public policy minds,” InsiderNJ said. “We have taken pains to select those individuals noted for the work they do outside elected office as they seek to expand the capacities of our collective policy square.”

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