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NJBIA is offering member companies a wide variety of tools to help them get ready for this fall’s open enrollment season.  Think of it as your open enrollment survival kit.

Confusion and uncertainty about the Affordable Care Act and the ever increasing cost of health insurance for employers makes continuing health benefit plans a challenge, particularly for small businesses.

Employers have likely received renewal notices for their existing health plans and, if history is any guide, they are facing steep price increases and are shopping around for a better deal.

The big news is NJBIA is now offering health benefit solutions: Large-group buying power for your small business through Association Master Trust. Get a free quote by visiting our website here.

NJBIA also has plenty of information on the process of shopping for health insurance. Our Fast Facts are free to members, and these may be useful in dealing with health benefits.

  • Buying Health Benefits for Your Business
  • Basics of Health Savings Accounts
  • An Employer’s Guide to Selecting an Insurance Broker
  • Resources for Researching Quality Healthcare
  • Guide to Buying Dental Coverage

Also, NJBIA’s Alice Gens recently went through the process of choosing health benefits for the NJBIA staff and shared what she learned here and here.

Finally, keep your eyes out for the results of our biennial NJBIA Health Benefits Survey, which will be released this fall.  In the meantime, here are 2016’s results.

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