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As we kick off 2020, Opportunity New Jersey is calling on the Garden State’s business and government leaders to get New Jersey on the path to job growth and affordability.

“It’s a new year, an election year, and the start of a new decade,” said Opportunity New Jersey (ONJ) co-chairs Tom Bracken and Michele Siekerka in a joint statement. “We have a Plan for an Affordable New Jersey and look forward to working with the Governor’s office, and the offices of our Senate and Assembly leadership, to put it into action.”

Bracken (President and CEO of the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce) and Siekerka (President and CEO of the New Jersey Business and Industry Association) rolled out the Plan in mid-2019, and announced the formation of an Economic Development and Advisory Council as a key tenet of the Plan’s implementation. The Council, which includes business, education, and labor representatives from throughout the state, held its inaugural meeting this past fall.

“From addressing fiscally challenged and outdated legacy systems, to stimulating job growth and investments in our state, our Plan is a road map to stability and prosperity in our region,” said Bracken and Siekerka, adding that New Jersey currently has among the highest personal and business taxes in the nation. “With all the extraordinary assets and advantages our state has to offer, there is no reason why we shouldn’t lead our peer states in job growth, wage growth, and business competitiveness throughout the Northeast.”

Those interested in reviewing the Plan for an Affordable New Jersey, and signing up for the group’s newsletter, can visit to learn more.

“We are concerned, but also optimistic about the prospect of real progress in 2020 and beyond,” said Bracken and Siekerka. “On behalf of the Opportunity NJ steering committee, the Economic Development and Advisory Council, and all our dedicated colleagues, we extend our best wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year in New Jersey.”