The Murphy Administration on Oct. 2 established the Oyster Creek Safety Advisory Panel through an Administrative Order signed by New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner Catherine R. McCabe to assist with the evaluation of the decommissioning operations at the Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station. The Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station ceased operation and permanently shut down on September 17, 2018, and is in the process of decommissioning.

The Oyster Creek Safety Advisory Panel comprises Commissioner McCabe, who will chair the group; the Superintendent of the New Jersey State Police; the Director of the Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness; and the President of the Board of Public Utilities, or their respective designees.

“The Oyster Creek Advisory Panel will enhance existing oversight to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and provide assurances to the public that the proper protocols for the decommissioning are in place,” said Governor Phil Murphy. “Providing the public with an opportunity to participate in the robust public input process is critical to ensuring transparency during the decommissioning process.”

The panel is charged with assisting the Department’s evaluation of Holtec International’s compliance with a January 2018 Administrative Consent Order governing decommissioning, the obligations of which Holtec assumed when it acquired the Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station from Exelon Generation Company, LLC, in July 2019, as well as ensuring robust public input on any related concerns.

“This panel provides another important avenue for enabling the public to participate in the decommissioning process, to ask key questions and to share their concerns,” said Commissioner McCabe. “We look forward to working with our sister agencies on this significant responsibility.” Once convened, the panel will meet at least twice per year and will provide specifics of how the public can participate. Currently, residents can communicate directly with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and with Holtec during their stakeholder information forums.

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