Startup companies seeking financing need to present potential investors with a “pitch deck” that stands out. Entrepreneurs should know what investors are looking for in a presentation before they wind up to deliver their pitch.

Richard D. Harroch, managing director and global head of M&A at VantagePoint Capital Partners, tells that startups need their pitch deck – typically a PowerPoint presentation of 15 to 20 slides – to tell a compelling and interesting story without omitting the key information that investors are looking for.

Harroch says the best way to showcase a startup’s products, technology and team is to make sure a pitch deck PowerPoint has these 15 slides:

  1. Company Overview – grab the viewer, show the potential for growth
  2. Mission/Vision of the Company – a 15-second elevator pitch on the company’s goals
  3. The Team – include photos, job titles, relevant work experience and expertise
  4. The Problem – show the problem the product will solve and identify potential customers
  5. The Solution – include why the solution is better than others on the market
  6. The Product – include key features and what future products are planned
  7. Market Opportunity – define market, show dollar size, include graphs
  8. Customers – show existing customers and partners
  9. Technology – include patents and why it will be difficult for others to duplicate
  10. The Competition – identify competitors and why your startup has the advantage
  11. Traction – testimonials, press, sales, website traffic, app downloads, etc.
  12. Business Model – pricing, customer acquisition costs, how you will make money, etc.
  13. The Marketing Plan – paid search, social media, TV, radio, email marketing, etc.
  14. Financials – revenue, expenses, three to five-year projections, “burn rate” etc.
  15. The Ask – how much money you are seeking, how it will be used, how long it will last

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