Other People’s Business, NJBIA’s podcast, turned one year old on July 12. To celebrate, we are doing a trivia contest to see who out there is paying attention.

For those who don’t know, the show provides an opportunity to get to know some of the businesses and groups that we partner with throughout the year, and do it in a way that’s funny and entertaining. So in that spirit, we have decided to celebrate our one-year anniversary with a trivia contest that’s very OPB.

Below are six questions taken directly from the 27 podcasts from the first year.  E-mail us the answers at opb@njbia.org and whoever gets the most right will win a shout out on an upcoming show as our biggest fan. (And, just to make sure things aren’t too difficult, you can get a hint by clicking on the question to bring up the relevant episode.)

1. On Other People’s Business, Awful or Awesome is …

  1. Vinnie’s taste in movies
  2. Kate’s outlook on life
  3. OPB’s favorite game
  4. Life in the Garden State


2. NJBIA is the largest statewide business association …

  1. On the planet
  2. In the galaxy
  3. In the universe
  4. All of the above


3. Which piece of advice about workplace life was first (we hope) broadcast on OPB?

  1. Don’t glue your coworker to the toilet seat
  2. Don’t reheat fish in the microwave for your lunch
  3. Round glass paperweights do not make good bocce balls
  4. Don’t clip your toenails at work


4. Which personality quadrant does Kate fit into?

  1. Donald Trump
  2. Oprah Winfrey
  3. Al Roker
  4. Albert Einstein


5. According to Vinnie, what was mankind’s greatest achievement?

  1. The smart phone
  2. Food
  3. The personal computer
  4. The TV remote control


6. What’s one resume pro tip we learned on Other People’s Business

  1. Don’t print your resume on construction paper
  2. Don’t brag about your Pokemon skills
  3. Deliberately spell things wrong to stand out
  4. Don’t dedicate whole sections of your resume to your pets


7. In high school, Kate was known as

  1. Kiss-me Kate
  2. Pennywise
  3. Captain Hook’s sister
  4. Hat-trick Conroy


And for 10 bonus points, if Kate was a vampire, where would she get her blood?  __________________________


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