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At NJBIA’s recent 3rd annual Energy Conference, Ted Borer, the director of energy plants for Princeton University, spoke about the university’s energy transition and how the sprawling campus is reducing its carbon footprint to achieve carbon neutrality by 2046. 

The university’s plan moves away from the traditional energy source used by large institutions – inefficient steam heat and electricity derived from burning fossil fuels – to a more efficient system that reduces total energy usage and eliminates carbon emissions. Instead, the university will rely on a low-temperature heating water energy system driven by electric pumps, thermal storage and a geo-exchange heating and cooling powered almost entirely from renewable sources, including the university’s own supply of solar energy, he said. 

“We’re going to get to carbon neutrality by 2046,” Borer said. “I’m not saying we might, I’m not saying we intend to, I’m saying we will. We know how, and we have plans, and we are implementing those plans.” 

To watch the entire Oct. 10 video presentation, go here.