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Surveys show that employees value flexible work arrangements, but does that mean a work-from-home policy is right for your business?

Obviously, such remote work arrangements are only feasible for certain types of jobs, but even then, it’s not just a matter of whether it’s technically feasible.

Barbara Weltman of the Big Ideas for Small Business blog helps businesses work through the pros and cons of remote work for their individual circumstances. Whether or not it makes sense, she suggests that it’s at least worth looking into.

“Some big companies, such as Aetna, Bank of America, IBM, and Yahoo, have reduced or eliminated telecommuting,” she writes “This presents an opportunity for small businesses to offer what these and some other large companies don’t: a work arrangement preferred by workers. If you decide to allow employees to work from home, be sure to review the arrangement with your insurance agent and attorney to make sure you’ve covered your bases.”

If you do decide to go with remote work, make sure you have clear guidelines and everyone know what they are, she advises.

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