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Turn-key Compliance Training Solution

Stay compliant, reduce risk, and drive employee engagement with Learn, our online learning management system (LMS).

Learn’s premium library features over 360 employee training courses covering top categories like: Compliance & Legal, Computer & IT, Customer Service, Diversity, Harassment, HR, Professional Development, and Workplace Safety.

Courses auto-update and expand as new Federal and state-specific legislation is passed to ensure you are always in compliance.

Online training is the #1 vehicle that employers are using to retain and attract top talent, reduce organizational turnover, and maintain compliance.

BIA Learn is:

  • Options with 4 different levels to match your workplace needs.
  • Easy: One single location to administer your employee’s training needs. Intuitive online dashboard makes it easy for employers to create learning tracks, assign courses, automate course reminders, track progress, earn course completion certificates.
  • Interactive: Engaging and interactive training videos, quizzes, and real-world scenarios.
  • Extensive: 360+ learning courses, many courses also offered in Spanish.
  • Cost Effective: Learn saves you time and money with a scalable, company-wide training solution that protects your business against costly fines.
  • Customizable: Upload your own in-house trainings with Learn’s Custom Course Uploader tool.

Courses That Develop Employees and Ensure Compliance.  All courses are online and can be taken at the leisure of your employees.

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