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Workplace Safety

Preventing workplace incidents and staying compliant with safety regulations requires an intentional and ongoing effort. You need to create and build awareness of safety procedures and protocols so you can reduce your risk of accidents and injuries. You can provide a safe workplace and comply with safety regulations while increasing your overall organizational health. Employee Health & Safety integrates safety tools and resources with the Mineral HR compliance platform and personalized guidance from our experts.

  • Get personalized guidance from certified Safety Experts regarding workplace safety standards and requirements
  • Educate employees with safety training, toolbox talks and more, all approved by subject matter experts
  • Easily create safety policies and share them with employees, customers, and more
  • Be compliant with Department of Labor and OSHA requirements
  • Include required OSHA Training documentation
  • There is a 5-seat minimum for Workplace Safety Training. The quanitity purchased must equal the number of employees on your membership record
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More about Employee Training

Upskilling and reskilling employees through training helps businesses attract and retain top talent, compete for customers, and achieve long-term success. Mineral’s Learning Management System (LMS), makes it easy to assign, track and manage employee training courses, all from the convenience of the Mineral Platform™.

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