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Traveling for out-of-state for indoor youth games and tournaments will be prohibited due to new COVID-19 restrictions that took effect on Thursday. 

NJBIA was instrumental in getting most indoor recreational businesses reopened with limited capacity this past summer, and these new restrictions will definitely have an impact on their bottom lines, NJBIA President and CEO Michele Siekerka told NJTV News this week. 

“The whole idea of competitions and travel teams is very much in vogue right now,” Siekerka told NJTV News Correspondent Leah Mishkin. “There’s a lot of money in that industry. And there are thousands of these business across the state  your dance studios, your gymnastics schools, your karate schools.  

These small businesses are literally hanging on by a thread, number one. Number two, for the students who are participating, this is a really big deal (for them). 

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