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In her latest OpEd in NJBIZ, NJBIA President and CEO Michele Siekerka explains that New Jersey has a “golden opportunity” to ensure through federal infrastructure funding that every resident has broadband access and the correct training to use it to its full potential.

“While New Jersey boasts a vast network of broadband into every corner of our state, many residents are not using the internet to its full advantage, and tens of thousands of people aren’t on the internet at all, despite having access,” Siekerka wrote.

“New Jersey will receive hundreds of millions of dollars from Washington, D.C. to spend on broadband internet. This money can be the key to reaching the 10% of New Jersey households that have access to broadband internet but haven’t signed up for it. We can use this money to help them get connected, educated, and upskilled on the digital skills that can help them thrive.

“In a state where virtually every corner of the state is already well equipped with broadband, we should now turn our attention toward using this federal funding to unleash that infrastructure investment by investing in digital skills training and workforce development verses the build out of more broadband infrastructure or creating government-owned broadband networks.”

To read Siekerka’s full OpEd in NJBIZ, click here.