A fundamental paradigm shift is taking place right now in how food banks approach hunger, and it features New Jersey’s own Food Bank of South Jersey.

According to a new report by Reinvestment Fund called “Feeding the Line, or Ending the Line? Innovations among Food Banks in the United States,” food banks are looking at their mission through a number of new lenses and are adopting a variety of approaches to achieve both the short- and long-term goals of feeding the hungry and permanently ending food insecurity.

“Food banks are taking a holistic approach to understanding the needs of their clients and leveraging their existing resources and connections to improve how the food system serves struggling families,” the report states. “They are fostering relationships with local farmers, retailers of every size, healthcare providers, universities and chefs to shape a healthy food infrastructure that meets the needs of everyone in their community. Many are adopting the motto ‘Don’t just feed the line. End the line.’”

Read the full report here.  Food Bank of South Jersey is discussed on page 21.