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The New Jersey Legislature is considering half a dozen bills that would impact businesses ability to use independent contractors, mandate severance pay for layoffs and require in-state call centers. NJBIA is trying to stop these bills from passing and is asking for help from member companies.

Some of these bills are scheduled for a vote on Monday, so please act now to make your voice heard.

The association issued a member alert Thursday urging businesses to call their elected state representatives and urge them to vote NO on these bills. Click this link to place a call to your Senator or Assembly member.

“With the rush of New Jersey’s lame-duck legislative session, corresponding with the rush of the holiday season, NJBIA wants to make sure you are aware of a package of bills that could negatively impact your business,” the alert stated. “The passage of these bills could have negative consequences for your business. It is urgent that you call the Governor and Legislature and tell them to STOP these bills.”

Currently moving through the Legislature are the following bills which NJBIA has been actively opposing:

*             S-4204/A-5936: This legislation would require workers to meet a restrictive ABC test that’s used to determine whether a worker is an independent contractor or an employee. This bill would ultimately limit the number of New Jersey independent contractors.

*             S-4230/A-5839: This legislation would enhance penalties on employers for misclassifying employees.

*             S-4229/A-5838: This legislation calls for the issuance of a stop-work order against any employer found in violation of state wage tax law, no matter of circumstance.

*             S-4225/A-5840: This legislation subjects joint liability to client employer and labor contractor found in violation of state wage, benefit and tax laws, no matter of circumstance.

*             S-3170/A-5145: Commonly referred to as the “New Jersey WARN Act” bill, this legislation would increase the notification time, from 60 days to 90 days, and requires severance pay when employers with more than 100 employees close, transfer or layoff 50 or more employees.

*             S-1780/A-1992: Known as “The New Jersey Call Center Jobs Act,” this legislation would require companies with call centers to maintain 65% of call center volume in New Jersey.