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Companies that do public work for the state of New Jersey do not have to submit pay data for all of their employees, just those who perform the public work or provide qualifying services.

That’s according to a revision by the New Jersey Department of Labor’s reporting requirements under the state’s Equal Pay Act. The department was able to clarify which employees must be included in the annual reporting.

The annual report must be submitted by March 31.

As the law firm Jackson Lewis explains, DOL revised the reporting requirements in the Instructions for Completing the “Payroll Certification for Public Work Project”s and the “Annual Equal Pay Report for Qualifying Services Other than Public Works Projects.”

“Significantly, employers are no longer required to identify individual employees by name, compensation band, exempt status, and demographics (e.g., race, sex, and ethnicity) in the report, according to attorneys James McDonnell and Katerina Mantell. “Moreover, employers are no longer required to identify all employees across a company’s operations, regardless of an employee’s actual performance of the qualified services, public work, or geography.”

Read the department’s instructions here.