NJBIA President and CEO Michele Siekerka issued the following response to Governor Christie’s statement upon signing Assembly Bill No. 2294 today:

“Unfortunately, Governor Christie was provided misinformation regarding our position on this bill. In fact, we did seek an amendment from an earlier version of the bill in Oct. 2016 in order to have it removed from the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination and placed in another section of employment law so that the penalties would be more appropriate for employers who broke the rule without intent. We did not oppose the requirement that a mother returning to work be accommodated for breastfeeding, as the governor incorrectly asserted.

“It’s important to note that NJBIA was one among six groups opposing the bill at that initial time. When the amendment did not come to pass, NJBIA pulled our opposition and remained neutral on the bill in its current form as it passed through both houses in December.

“I am stunned that the governor would take aim at our association’s supposed “illogical opposition” to the current bill when it didn’t exist, and when we work continuously to ensure that women’s leadership in New Jersey is recognized and a pathway to the C-Suite and boardroom is paved at every opportunity.”