New Jersey remains a significant outlier when it comes to competitiveness and affordability, so it’s no surprise that the No. 1 and No. 2 states residents migrate to are right on the border — Pennsylvania and New York. In this op-ed for NJ Spotlight, NJBIA President and CEO Michele Siekerka argues that we can reverse this trend by examining the state’s policies on taxation, revenue generation, and spending through the filter of competitiveness and affordability.

“The time is now to revisit and completely review our economic policies on taxation, revenue generation, and spending and we must do so with a sense of urgency,” she writes. “We must look at how we spend our tax dollars and be honest about the fact that our current economic paradigm is just not sustainable. Failing to do so now will compound the problem for the generations to come.”

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6 responses to “To Stop Outmigration Make NJ Affordable, More Competitive”

  1. Manfred Mann says:

    The state took a “significant” first step in being affordable by increasing the gasoline tax by 23 cents and lowering the sales tax by an amount you need binoculars to determine. New Jersey will never be affordable. As taxpayers complain about high taxes, they run to the polls and keep re-electing the same Democratic majority who believe new and higher taxes are the panacea to all state ills. The best strategy is save as much as possible and move out of state while you still can.

    • Marty McGann says:

      Unfortunately he is correct. Raising taxes is a easy fix,especially when you have a uninformed or ill informed electorate.Creating jobs and lowering taxes is much more difficult and sadly often times beyond the ability of the politicians to create such an environment or make the political sacrifice for overall benefit derived.

  2. Once they put the millionaires tax in I will be leaving the state and I know other people that will be leaving two they don’t seem to understand they need us we don’t need them

  3. Scot M says:

    The biggest impact on taxes WOD be to eliminate Abbot School Districting. The education portion of real estate taxes is about 60 percent of property tax. Eliminating Abbot would reduce that portion by over 50%. If the Republicans want to win, educate the homeowners of the total failure of Abbot districting. The Democrats will cling to this failure for dear life.

  4. Micky P says:

    I’m afraid that once the political lies about funding NJ pensions bubble up to the surface, we will never be able to get out from under it. Nothing is done about double dipping politicians and excessive benefits. Their pensions are not of jeopardy.

  5. Keith says:

    my family is moving to Georgia soon. Can’t wait to get out of the Crap-hole New Jersey has become.
    As a trucker it will be so much easier to move south where weather and prices are more affordable. I can take summer vacations in new jersey with the money i will be saving moving south and still be ahead.

    I just don’t get why more people aren’t leaving and also why the lawmaker continue to make new jersey still so expensive to live in. but, personally for me, i’ve had enough of the property taxes, congestion, non-friendly attitudes, cold winters. So see ya new jersey, i used to love ya for 30 years, now you’re nothing.