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To prevent the spread of coronavirus, New Jersey businesses are required to use work-from-home arrangements wherever possible. Even employees at businesses that are allowed to be open must work from home if the nature of their job allows it.

With so many people now working from home it can also be a challenge making sure that they are all doing the work that they should be. But one solution for this is employee desktop monitoring software so check that out to see how it could help your business if you have remote staff.

The good news for employers is employees are generally confident in their ability to work efficiently and productively even when they’re not in the workplace. Recently, the Harris Poll conducted a survey for the job-search site Glassdoor on coronavirus-related issues.  Here are some of the results:

  • 3 in 5 U.S. employees (60%) said they are confident they can efficiently do their job remotely, if they are required to work from home indefinitely.
  • 50% believe they would be equally or more productive working from home as opposed to their normal work location.
  • 68% of employees aged 18–34 reported being confident in efficiently doing their work remotely if they have to, compared to 44% of employees aged 55–64.
  • A quarter of female employees reported that it isn’t possible to do their job remotely, compared to 14% of male employees.
  • 71% of employed parents with children under age 18 said that they feel confident they can efficiently do their job remotely if they have to.


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