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As businesses head into a post-pandemic world,” many things may change. But it appears as though flexible working arrangements will be here to stay.

This is based on the findings of a new survey by KPMG of over 1,300 CEOs across 11 global markets as well as 11 key industry sectors that looked at a three-year outlook on enterprise and economic growth.

According to the results, fewer CEOs are planning to keep an all-digital workforce with only 21% indicating they would be downsizing their organization’s physical footprint, down from 69% in the year before.

In addition, 51% said they would be looking to shared office spaces to give employees more flexibility, up from just 14% only months ago in February and March.

And the CEOs surveyed expect positive results from the new arrangement. The survey charts a growing trend in optimism with 60% confident in the growth prospects for the global economy over the next three years, up from 42% in January and February, and 32% in July/August of 2020.

The full results of the KPMG 2021 CEO Outlook will be released later this month. To learn more about the survey and see additional initial results, go here.