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The corporate tax reduction provided under recent federal tax reform is paying off for both companies and their workers. The latest example is a Shrewsbury-based company called Metallix, an NJBIA member and one of the largest precious metal recycling manufacturers in the United States.

As the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) explains, “Because of tax reform, they’re putting their money where their mouth is: growing their business and workforce, and making sure their employees share handsomely in the financial benefits.

“First order of business? Giving each of Metallix’s 98 workers a $1,000 bonus, an unexpected surprise that came just days after tax reform took effect.”

Metallix President Maria Piastre told NAM, “From the outset, the company wanted to share the benefits of tax reform with our employees. On February 14, every employee received a net $1,000 after-tax bonus in response to tax reform. Coming so soon after our usual end-of-year bonuses, it was completely unexpected by Metallix employees, and we were all very happy to receive it.”

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