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A contentious bill that seeks to establish a temporary workers bill of rights, but at great cost and burden to New Jersey staffing agencies and the employers that use them, is scheduled for a Senate re-vote on Monday. 

Bill A-1474, which has been strongly opposed by NJBIA, was pulled from a Senate vote last month because it didn’t have enough votes to pass.

NJBIA Vice President of Government Affairs Alexis Bailey says while the legislation is well intended, its lack of balance and increased burdens would be crushing to legitimate New Jersey staffing agencies – and ultimately take away opportunities from the temp workers it aims to protect. 

“There are other states that have increased protections for temporary workers without the over-extending and costly provisions in this bill that will, one, damage the industry and two, jeopardize jobs for these workers,” Bailey said. 

“We believe that’s why legislative support for this bill has been wavering. There are provisions in this bill that will help temporary workers. But lawmakers should know that more balance is needed to protect workers without hurting an entire industry and the many flexible jobs it provides.”

For more information about the bill’s provisions and potential ramifications, click here.