A recent Washington Post article looked at how companies like DSM are rethinking their investments in the U.S. in light of President Donald Trump’s declaration that “American-owned” companies are critical to national security.

DSM is a Dutch-owned life-sciences company with an extensive U.S. presence. Among other facilities, it has a manufacturing operation in Parsippany  that employs 600 people. As writer David Lynch points out, however, the company is unsure if its economic contributions are appreciated here.

“The company is delaying new investment at all of its 32 U.S. sites while executives try to determine if they—and other foreign-owned employers—are really welcome under President Trump,” Lynch writes.

“The hesitation to commit new cash to the United States follow what executives say is a troubling shift in the president’s ‘America First’ rhetoric, stressing the citizenship of a company’s owners rather than the location of its workforce,” he adds.

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