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The coronavirus pandemic thrust remote work to the front of the line for a lot of businesses, many of which were probably not even thinking about it beforehand. Technology has made working from home as easy and efficient as ever, but there are still adjustments to be made.

Jason Rush, a business coach at Petra Coach, suggests that business owners and managers should be leaders in this new remote environment, even if their businesses are working toward survival. To that end, he offered five tips on leading your business from home for

“With so many companies now requiring team members work from home, it is up to us, the organizational leaders, to learn to lead from home,” Rush said. “This is not easy. It will take time for us to learn and grow into this role. Leadership is about changing and adapting, and your team needs that from you now more than ever.”

His five tips include:

  1. Keep the focus on your core purpose and find new ways to live your core values.
  2. Stay on the offensive.
  3. Change expectations, but don’t lower them.
  4. Understand your team is going through a big adjustment too and needs your support.
  5. Have at least one team huddle every day.

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