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The Treasury Department and Internal Revenue Service on Tuesday issued proposed regulations related to the increased tax credit or deduction amounts for clean energy facilities and projects if taxpayers satisfy certain prevailing wage and registered apprenticeship (PWA) requirements.

Generally, these new proposed rules provide guidance on the PWA requirements, enacted as part of the Inflation Reduction Act, for certain green energy facilities or projects.

The Inflation Reduction Act provides increased credit or deduction amounts that generally apply for taxpayers who satisfy certain PWA requirements regarding the construction, installation, alteration or repair of a qualified facility, qualified property, qualified project, qualified equipment or for certain energy facilities.

Under the tax law, the increased credit or deduction amount is generally equal to the base amount multiplied by five if the taxpayer satisfies the PWA requirements. There are certain limited exceptions where a taxpayer may be eligible for an increased credit amount without satisfying the PWA requirements.

The proposed regulations would provide guidance to taxpayers intending to claim the increased credit or deduction amounts and those intending to transfer increased credit amounts. Additionally, the proposed regulations would provide guidance for taxpayers that initially fail to satisfy the PWA requirements but seek to cure the failure by complying with certain correction and penalty procedures. Finally, the proposed regulations would provide rules concerning specific PWA recordkeeping and reporting requirements.

Also today, the IRS released frequently asked questions and Publication 5855PDF which is an overview of the prevailing wage and apprenticeship requirements and the applicable credits.

Treasury and the IRS previously provided guidance on the PWA requirements in a news release, IR-2022-208, and in Notice 2022-61.

Further information about tax benefits from the Inflation Reduction Act may be found on