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On the latest edition of NJBIA’s “Minding Your Business,” Martin Rexroad, chief culture officer of PTC Therapeutics, discussed the New Jersey-based company’s mission and considerable efforts to get younger people interested and involved in life sciences careers.

In addition, Rexroad talked about the company’s talent pipeline internship program that he said PTC set up to help the class of 2020 get the kind of practical experience that became harder to come by as the pandemic hit and job opportunities became scarce.

“We know that if you really want to help somebody, there’s certain things that you can learn about yourself to make you more effective as an individual and make you more effective as a team member,” he said. “We’re teaching them about leadership development and career development and we’re helping them to network. And I can tell you that these 53 interns, they’re going to be OK.”

NJBIA’s “Minding Your Business” is a weekly TV show that can be viewed at 9:30 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday on News 12+, which is available on most Fios and Optimum systems in New Jersey.