Employers must follow different laws and regulations if their workers are under 18. Knowing what hours minors can legally work and what jobs they are legally allowed to do at what age can be confusing for business owners who don’t have all the latest information.

NJBIA recently updated its Fast Fact, Employing Minors in New Jersey, to provide members with the latest changes, including the specifics of a new law that expands the number of hours that 16- and 17-year-olds can work this summer from 40 to 50 hours  week. This law, which NJBIA strongly advocated because of the current pandemic-related hiring crisis, is effective through Labor Day on Sept. 6, 2021.

The Fast Fact also covers the types of jobs minors are permitted to do at different ages, the A300 hiring certificate (“working papers”) process, the times of day minors can work depending on their age, when minimum wage requirements apply, overtime, meal breaks, and potential employer penalties for non-compliance with state employment law.

Go here to access the Fast Fact on employing minors in New Jersey. To view the directory of all NJBIA’s Fast Facts for employers, which cover a wide variety of topics, go here.