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Your expertise is running your business. But if you need to promote it and creative marketing isn’t your forte, NEMA Associates of Linden has you covered.

Since 1993, when Juan Carlos Lopez started the company, NEMA has been specializing in consulting, marketing, design, printing and multimedia development, taking marketing from the idea to printed material stage, all in-house.

NEMA joined NJBIA in 2018 looking to become part of a bigger pool of businesses like theirs that could open up opportunities for the company, but also to make sure their voices were heard on laws and regulations impacting the business.

“NJBIA is giving us the opportunity to get services that perhaps are not that easy to come by for us as small entrepreneurs,” Lopez says. “They can give us access to legal advice, medical insurance and a lobbying group that can work for different laws… and can give us a heads up, or act as our representative with the state.”

Watch the video above to learn more about what Juan Carlos and NEMA Associates can print for you and what NJBIA offers its members.

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