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Labor market advisory firm Emsi recently analyzed five years of employment postings from Fortune 500’s 10 largest companies to find out what job skills they value most.

“When we explored the most frequently mentioned skills in jobs postings, we found that management, communications, sales, and customer service showed up the most,” said Emsi’s Meredith Metsker. “So not only are these skills important to the top dogs in the U.S. economy, but they’re also important across the board.”

Management is the top in-demand skill at each of the Top 10 companies, followed by a four-way tie among communications, leadership, operations and customer services. For companies nationwide, management is also No. 1, followed by communications, sales, customer service and operations.

Metsker noted many of these skills are considered “soft” skills, but are crucial in keeping huge companies functioning.

“If the job postings from these Fortune 500 Top 10 tell us anything, it’s that these skills are timeless, transferable, and valuable,” Metsker said.

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