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NJBIA’s Michele Siekerka and the State Chamber of Commerce’s Tom Bracken have teamed up to take a critical look at Gov. Phil Murphy’s proposed FY 2021 budget proposal in an op-ed that ran Friday in NJ Spotlight.

In the op-ed, they say:

“As the summer of COVID-19 comes to a hollow end for many beleaguered businesses, Gov. Phil Murphy is proposing a $40.1 billion budget that simply does not reflect the stark reality of our times.

“Instead of keeping costs down for our taxpayers already struggling in this economic downturn, Gov. Murphy is raising taxes and making New Jersey businesses less competitive.

“Instead of holding the line on spending, like both governments and taxpayers do when times are tough, he has proposed spending $1.4 billion more than the prior year and $5.4 billion more than the budget three years ago before he took office.

“Instead of taking the opportunity to pursue the structural reforms that are so desperately needed to right-size our state budget and make New Jersey more affordable, the governor offers more of the same tax-and-spend policies that have brought us to the edge of the fiscal cliff in the first place.”

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