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S-1370 – Sweeney (D3); Scutari (D22) – Revises definition of “public works projects” to permit project labor agreements for more projects.  NJBIA opposed this legislation.

S-368 – Cryan (D20); Weinberg (D37) – Permits municipalities to require developers to make contributions for mass transit improvements.  NJBIA opposed this legislation.

S-718 – Addiego (D8); Singleton (D7); Madden (D4) Provides tax credits to certain employers of employees less than 18 years old.  NJBIA supported this legislation.

S943 – Singleton (D3) – Establishes system for portable benefits for workers who provide services to consumers through contracting agents.  NJBIA opposed this legislation.

A-954 – Karabinchak (D18); Lampitt (D6) – Places $100 cap on amount paid by covered persons for purchase of insulin drugs; requires Division of Consumer Affairs to investigate insulin prices. NJBIA sought amendments to the legislation.