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Mineral brings together the best of two HR and compliance powerhouses: ThinkHR and Mammoth. While our name has changed, you can still count on us for the same great HR and compliance solutions that hundreds of thousands of businesses have come to rely on.

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Annual dues schedule based on number of full-time-equivalent NJ employees:
Annual Dues $345 1 Employee Get Started
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Annual membership dues cover a 12-month period, beginning with the month your membership begins. There will be no refund of any part of an employer’s dues because of termination of membership during the 12-month period.
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For more than 110 years we have been focused on the advancement of competitive excellence and financial success of our members. We are the voice of thousands of businesses bound together to build a more prosperous New Jersey by providing advocacy, support, networking and exclusive money savings benefits to businesses throughout the 21 counties of the Garden State.