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At a time when New Jersey and the United States are experiencing a nursing shortage, many companies are working tirelessly to find qualified nurses and healthcare professionals. One company working to resolve this challenge is Guide Publications.

In business since 2000, Guide Publications uses creative and effective strategies to target potential healthcare professionals for their clients in New Jersey, New York or Pennsylvania. Through the use of personalized email blasts, direct mail postcards, and a wide range of digital advertising, Guide Publications helps healthcare employers get the qualified professionals they are looking for in a timely fashion by working with all types of health care institutions.

“We do a lot of work to try to match nurses and healthcare professionals with companies that are looking to hire them,” explains owner Mike Beson. “We also do job fairs, where we try to have people come who are looking for work and match them up with prospective employers.”

As a small business owner with a family, Beson had his own healthcare challenges – finding a quality and affordable health benefits plan. This time, NJBIA was able to help Beson.

NJBIA recently partnered with the Association Master Trust (AMT) to launch a Health Benefits Solution program that offers members a cost-savings alternative to pricey healthcare plans. NJBIA, through AMT, now provides comprehensive, self-funded group benefits with all the advantages of network services and modern claims administration.

Beson decided to take advantage of this unique opportunity.

“As a small business owner and a parent – and I’m sure I’m no different than a lot of folks – you lie awake making sure you have coverage,” Beson says. “So because of NJBIA, I was able to purchase health benefits through their new program, at an affordable rate, meeting – exceeding – the benefits I currently have. So I save money and I have a great package for my family and my kids.”

NJBIA’s Health Benefits Solution also makes life easier for members who take part. Beson, for example, no longer has to keep track of the ever-changing Affordable Care Act rules that are an inherent part of acquiring healthcare benefits through the open marketplace.

Not that Beson minds a little homework, mind you. After all, one of the reasons he initially joined NJBIA in 2000 was because he likes to keep up with business policy issues in the legislature.

“Mike Beson is one of the many NJBIA entrepreneurs who has been very active in, and appreciative of, our advocacy efforts here in Trenton”, says Frank Robinson, NJBIA vice president of Government Affairs. “Mike’s perspective, as a small businessman, has been very helpful in crafting our pro-growth economic message to the members of the State Legislature.”

“I think it’s important that folks like myself, small business people, look at joining NJBIA,” Beson says. “It’s not expensive to have it for a year and you take advantage of some of the programs. And that health benefits plan is a great program.”

Guide Publications provides a number of services to its clients including, but not limited to, grassroots advocacy and recruitment advertising. If you are interested in learning more about Guide Publications, please contact them at 1-732-263-9675 or visit for more information.