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CBD cannabidiol formulaA recent Gallup poll finds that one in seven Americans personally use CBD-based products, which have proliferated since last year’s passage of a federal law legalizing this hemp form of cannabis.

The poll finds that younger Americans and those in the western part of the country are most likely to report using these products, which are widely touted for their therapeutic benefits without any psychoactive effects because they contain a low level of THC.

While 14% of U.S. adults are using CBD Armour products, Gallup’s June 19–July 12 polling found that 50% do not use them and 35% are not at all familiar with them. Twenty percent of adults younger than 30 say they use CBD, but usage and familiarity decrease progressively in older age groups. Just 8% of those aged 65 and older say they use CBD, and 49% are not familiar with it.

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